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Kristina & Dan

Kristina Tran

“When I first heard that I was chosen to become a recording assistant for UCSD’s music department, I was thrilled beyond comparison. I passionately wanted this opportunity because I knew it shadowed what I yearned to do in the music industry and would provide me with more hands-on experience I have been looking for. Over the first few weeks, I had training from industry professionals and my fellow student co-workers, who taught me the ins and outs of this job. Now one year into this job, I am still so happy and grateful to be given this role and be surrounded by such incredible people.

As a recording trainee for the music department, I find my skills as a student employee go hand-in-hand with my studies as an ICAM music major. Not only do I have responsibilities to prep our studios and independently run live recordings for our professional concerts in the music department, but I also get to work with industry-standard equipment and expectations. From working in Pro-Tools to listening for balanced mixes, I can say I have been able to take what I have learned in the classroom and make it applicable in a real-life setting.

In addition to being a recording assistant, I also had the opportunity to take on the role of audio archival assistant and learn more about the post-production process. Being involved in this role has strengthened my understanding of the audio recording process as a whole. Furthermore, I find I have built up a professionalism of my own. Being an archiving assistant entails heavily on time management and open lines of communication. I have also been able to build my own organized systems that help me recall the small details that are important during my time as a student employee.

With all the opportunities provided within the music department, I see the potential to use it to its maximum capacity to better myself as a musician and as a well-rounded employee. My long-term project, I would like to combine all the skills I have learned thus far to produce and release an original album. Thinking about it is so exciting because I get to unleash my creativity with songwriting and music composition and improve my skills within the recording process. I would also be exploring new territory to further my skills, such as learning about copyright and what happens after music is published into the world (a chance to learn more about marketing and sales). Having the resources—the studios, equipment, and professionals in their fields—all around me, I feel more empowered than ever to make this idea a reality.”

Dan Bakir

“Through my experience as a recording assistant and archiving at UCSD, I have learned valuable skills that I have been able to apply both in and outside of my position. As a recording assistant, I have learned to navigate and record on ProTools, use live broadcasting equipment, and manage audio/video files across the UCSD network. In addition to recording and capturing video for concerts in concert halls across campus, I was able to run a recording session from the booth at Conrad Prebys Music Center’s concert hall with an artist in residency for the first-time last quarter. This process felt natural, as my training enabled me to adapt to this role almost effortlessly. I have also rekindled my passion for video editing through the archiving role I work in addition to being a recording assistant. As an archivist, Da Vinci Resolve is the main program I use to edit the footage we capture and process into files that are accessible through the UCSD Music website and via file share. I have now transitioned to using it on my own personal projects through the fluency I have acquired in this position.

Outside of my job, I am deeply passionate about working on the projects I am working on, both as an ICAM Music Major at UCSD and someone who loves to make music. Over the course of my academic career, I have been working to record, engineer, and produce music both on and off campus. Recently, I have been working on recording my own music that I have been writing and composing for a while. Now that I am in my senior year, I have been developing my own senior project that I will be submitting to graduate. My job has inspired me to incorporate elements of audio, video, and archiving into this process, as the concept of this senior project reflects on my time at UCSD both through the music I’ve written and the compiled video footage I’ve shot on my own equipment. I have been working daily on this to realize the vision I have, taking advantage of many of the resources that are available to me as a senior at UCSD. In my time as a recording assistant and archivist, I have felt empowered to develop new skills that I’ve been able to incorporate into my own work and hope to continue growing both inside and outside of my training during my time here at UCSD.”

On behalf of our students, we express our deepest gratitude!

Cristina Della Coletta, Dean A&H
Anthony Burr, Chair, Music Department